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When selecting an email marketing service provider, price is always one of the most important factors that you need to consider. Spread offers greater value and a greater variety of pricing packages than many other services. Each package can support an unlimited number of email addresses, so email marketers can choose the appropriate plan based upon the total number of email messages you plan to send.

Email Campaign Management Standard Plans

Total Price in US$
Email Messages Sent
Cost per Email Message Subscribe/Upgrade
250 20,000 0.0125

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600 66,667 0.009
1,280 204,800 0.00625
If Email Messages Sent > 204,800 (Emails) Ask for Quote
Total Price in Price HK$
Email Messages Sent
Cost per Email Message Subscribe/Upgrade
2,500 25,000 0.1

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5,000 66,667 0.075
10,000 200,000 0.05
If Email Messages Sent > 200,000 (Emails) Ask for Quote

* Account set-up fee plus product usage training cost HK$800.

Email Campaign Management SMS Plans

Price HK$
SMS Messages Sent
Cost per SMS Message
2,500 5,556 0.45
5,000 11,628 0.43
10,000 24,390 0.41
20,000 52,632 0.38
30,000 85,714 0.35

Email Campaign Management Large Volume Plans

The Spread Large Volume Plans offer a low-cost, professional email marketing software solution for enterprises that expect to send more than 200,000 emails per month. For high volume pricing and special quote, please contact us.

* We provide 100,000emails/year free of charge or 20% off email marketing service for business chambers, non-profit and education organizations. Please click here for more details.

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Some Friendly Notes:
- If the no. of emails sent exceeds your subscribed plan, customers will be billed later.
- In response to different ever-changing markets, price might be regulated without prior notice.